• The Earls Court Development Company (ECDC) has set out an updated masterplan for the
    ambitious redevelopment of Earls Court, responding to consultation.
  • Earls Court will deliver around 4,000 new homes (targeting 35% affordable across all
    tenures). It will also provide 200,000 sq ft of space for retail, dining, leisure and culture.
  • Sustainability underpins the masterplan with a zero carbon energy network and a zero
    operational carbon target as the basis of the development. Our design approach is nature
    led, transforming an ecologically sparse site into a thriving biodiverse ecosystem with over
    1,000 trees.
  • A showcase for clean and climate tech and innovation, with over 2.5m sq ft of workspace
    available and delivering around 12,000 new jobs.
  • 60% of the site will be unbuilt, plans include a generous network of Exhibition Gardens
    and open spaces, including The Table (an urban park), a community green, cascading
    water features and new public squares.
  • A new ecological corridor will form a major connection across the site from West
    Brompton, allowing visitors to enter from the station directly into the park.
  • Earls Court will be home to three large new cultural and performance venues, providing an
    ecosystem for the future of creative talent.
  • The plans continue to evolve in discussion with community groups and stakeholders, the
    process having started in 2021.
  • A hybrid planning application will be submitted in mid-2024. The first phase of
    development, comprising over 1,000 homes, the first cultural and commercial buildings,
    and the park and vital east-west connections will commence in 2026.

Updated proposals for central London’s largest cleared development site have been set out by The Earls Court Development Company (ECDC) following a detailed review of feedback from the engagement following the February launch of the masterplan.

Building on the vision ‘to bring the wonder back to Earls Court’ the latest proposals demonstrate how the place is set to re-emerge as a destination to discover wonder, a home for creative talent and a showcase for one of the fastest growing industries in the world – clean and climate tech.

The Earls Court Development Company (ECDC) is an Earls Court-based business, responsible for driving the transformation of the 40 acre, former Earls Court Exhibition Centre site on behalf of the Earls Court Partnership Limited – a joint venture between Delancey (on behalf of its client funds), the Dutch pension fund manager, APG and Transport for London (TfL) that was formed in December 2019.

Delivering 4,000 homes across a range of tenures, the development will create an inclusive neighbourhood designed for all stages of life. The homes will be set within a landscape which is 60% unbuilt, maximising open space and allowing nature to flourish.

Reflecting the magnificent heritage of live events and music, proposals show new venues, with a range of diverse cultural spaces including production and recording studios as well as fixed and pop-up venues to host performance alongside a hotel. The three largest venues – including a 600 seat (1,000 standing) capacity performance space – will act as cultural anchors, drawing people into the site, whilst outdoor spaces will host creative events and arts.

Earls Court will provide a network of workspaces designed to foster collaboration and innovation, with 2.5 million sq. ft. of workspace through three locations at Warwick Square, Empress Place, and West Kensington, providing a new home to the UK’s clean tech industry and delivering 12,000 new jobs.

Sustainability is at the heart of the plans. With an ambition to go beyond net zero; Earls Court will be home to one of the UK’s largest zero carbon energy sharing networks, innovative water management, over 1,000 new trees and streets that prioritise walking and cycling. These will connect to the three stations edging the site, linking into cycle highways and bus routes providing connectivity to the local area, central London and beyond, encouraging people to travel sustainably.

Today’s proposals reveal a 20% increase in open space and a 10% reduction in the amount of development (compared to the plans shown in February). There is a decrease in the number of buildings taller than the existing Empress State building (at 31 storeys) from 4 to just 1 taller building of 42 storeys. This will stand proudly as a way-finder and destination landmark.

A significant new natural landscaped connection from West Brompton Station directly into the site is proposed, achieved by extending the West London Line deck (subject to agreement with Network Rail). A North-South car-free boulevard will also run 850m through the development via a major new civic square. The integration of water management across the development will create The Cascades, a fun, accessible and engaging terraced landscape with natural water features.

Speaking about the unveiling of the updated proposals, Rob Heasman, CEO of ECDC, commented:“ Today marks one more step in our journey to create something truly incredible here at Earls Court. Forging a new piece of city that is inclusive, climate resilient and brimming with opportunity is a great privilege.”

“In 2021, we shared a new vision to bring the wonder back to Earls Court, to ensure our plans for the future create unforgettable experiences, as in the past. Our plans have progressed and benefitted from continued open dialogue with a broad spectrum of community groups and stakeholders, as we bring forward a new piece of city that will have wide reaching benefits for London. Whether you live here, work here, or visit here, this will be a place designed for everyone, that brings joy to everyday life.”

“There is no other central London site like this; this is our chance to build sustainably and innovatively for the future, ensuring that Earls Court is a place to discover wonder for generations to come.”

The updates to the masterplan proposals have been developed in response to the feedback, discussion and engagement with local communities and stakeholders since February. The masterplan will evolve over the coming months with a planning application due to be submitted by mid-2024.

ECDC has now launched a new phase of consultation in Conversation Corner, Lillie Road, which opens on 15 November and is seeking feedback on its latest designs including new images of character areas and plans for the first phase of development.