“We’re excited to work with likeminded partners in DreamPort, Catalyst Campus and Cyber Capital Partners to help governments and industry to diversify their supply chain and access the very best technology solutions from startups and scaleups – no matter the location.”

Andrew Roughan

  • Plexal will help UK and US governments diversify their supply chain and tackle national security challenges with startup support
  • Collaboration with US hubs will present more opportunities for cyber and emerging technology startups to access areas such as the intelligence and space communities 
  • The initiative aims to expand the innovation ecosystem internationally and unite large and small organisations to solve defence problems, collaboratively, with technology

Plexal, the innovation company founded by Delancey, has launched an international initiative to advance national security innovation on both sides of the Atlantic. It aims to help British and American startups, governments and industry to collaborate and solve technology problems in national security and contribute to mission outcomes, ultimately strengthening UK and US defences. 

Leveraging its collaborative ecosystem model to achieve this, Plexal has partnered with US-based innovation facility DreamPort in Maryland, aerospace and defence-focused space community Catalyst Campus in Utah and investor Cyber Capital Partners in Washington, DC.

The four organisations are committed to building and discovering emerging technologies and novel startups that can contribute to an expanding transatlantic national security ecosystem. The transatlantic team-up comes as the Atlantic Future Forum takes place in New York this week, where government, military and business will gather to discuss the emerging dimensions of international security and the role of innovation in shaping future security and prosperity.

Plexal’s partnerships will be structured as follows:


DreamPort will connect its network to Plexal and vice versa, with both hubs providing soft landing support at their respective coworking headquarters in Maryland and east London. UK and US startups will have the opportunity to showcase their cyber and emerging technologies, connect with other innovation ecosystem peers, share ideas and find relevant big tech and government partners through events and challenges. 

Catalyst Campus

Catalyst Campus is receiving the support of Plexal to deliver its first internationally-focused Catalyst Accelerator cohort, which is centred around Space Domain Awareness – including the ability to understand, monitor and study satellites. The focus is to increase the means to support and enhance awareness of the space environment with commercial data and tools for shared security and prosperity. Demonstrating the international reach, the cohort comprises companies from the US, UK, Australia and Luxembourg. Following this launch, Plexal and Catalyst Campus plan to develop other collaborative programmes, challenge areas and accelerators together.

Cyber Capital Partners 

Cyber Capital Partners, its portfolio companies and partners provide operational technology cybersecurity capabilities to national security, critical manufacturing and energy clients in the US and allies in the Five Eyes. Innovation processes will be provided with Plexal to help seed to Series B stage businesses enhance their services. Cyber Capital Partners holds trusted partnerships with US Departments of Energy, Homeland Security, Defense and Intelligence Community, and will work with Plexal to discover and develop the most promising UK and US startups and scaleups in national security to protect the nation with emerging technologies.

Andrew Roughan, CEO at Plexal, said:  “The international security landscape is incredibly dynamic and fast-moving, with the relationship between national security and prosperity more co-dependant than ever. In this changing world, we believe there should be greater integration of defence and security needs within the startup ecosystem. This will require a concerted effort to demystify national security and break down barriers to entry, to engage the brightest minds and most promising capabilities to advance the UK’s defence and security missions. 

“For startups, the challenges to scaling within this sector are often common across allied nations. This presents opportunities to help in joining up leading providers of emerging technologies with international landing pads, ecosystem support, specialist investment capital and on-the-ground business opportunities that can drive international growth.

“We’re excited to work with likeminded partners in DreamPort, Catalyst Campus and Cyber Capital Partners to help governments and industry to diversify their supply chain and access the very best technology solutions from startups and scaleups – no matter the location.” 

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About Plexal

Plexal is the innovation company that supercharges collaboration. 

It combines open, collaborative innovation with a community of fast-growth startups to help enterprises and the government unlock the potential of technology.

Plexal works with some of the most influential government departments and global tech companies to deliver innovation projects. These include the Mission Technology Integrator, which is helping IBM build new technology with SMEs to address critical challenges.

Plexal’s innovation team is also building the UK’s most connected cyber security ecosystem. Plexal delivered the LORCA accelerator, is the National Cyber Security Centre’s partner for NCSC For Startups and supported 167 innovators through the Cyber Runway accelerator. Over the last three years, Plexal has helped cyber startups raise over £270m and earn over £68m in revenue through LORCA alone.

Its workspace in London is home to over 800 innovators who are breaking new ground in cybersecurity, mobility, inclusive design, healthtech, AI and more. Members get access to community events, connections and 1:1 support designed to help them scale and Plexal regularly partners with members to pilot their solutions, bid for business together and enable them to build solutions with large organisations. The community includes Fiit, the online fitness startup, Quantum technology company M Squared and youth-led charity My Life My Say. 

Plexal was founded in 2017 by clients of specialist real estate investment advisory company Delancey.

For more information visit: plexal.com