• Here East – Delancey’s innovation and technology hub located in East London – has created a virtual twin to showcase its thriving campus at the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
  • The virtual twin provides a platform for remote viewing, leveraging the very latest game engine technology to allow people from across the globe to virtually visit Here East in real-time. 

[Wednesday 26th July, LONDON] Here East, Delancey’s innovation campus in East London, today announces its state-of-the-art virtual twin. Partnering with digital design specialists Squint Opera, Here East takes a pioneering step into the virtual world as one of the first to introduce this technology, paving the way for a new era of digital innovation.

The virtual twin is a replica of the Here East campus in the online world, harnessing the latest in real-time technology that will allow people from all over the globe to visit remotely. It will eventually allow visitors to explore the campus on their own terms, immersing them in a way that is fun and engaging as well as informative. Initially, the twin is being used as an R&D tool to test emergent use cases. 

The virtual twin constitutes a revolutionary way to showcase the campus. Leveraging software including Epic’s Unreal Engine 5, Squint Opera have created an immersive 3D replica of the Here East campus, which is experienced online, in real-time. 

By integrating existing data with on-site captured elements – like photographs, recorded sounds, animated components and dynamic natural lighting – Squint Opera created a finely detailed replica of the campus, crafting an experience that is vibrant and deeply engaging.

The platform is powered by SpaceForm, which specialises in enterprise metaverse experiences for the built environment, allowing potential tenants, investors and communities to experience the campus without leaving their computers. The detailed insights it provides expedite decision-making processes far beyond what traditional architectural communication tools can offer. 

Here East has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation, and now, with their virtual twin, they will inhabit a new unique space  – expanding their one-million-square-foot site into a limitless and internationally accessible realm. 

Here East is home to 6,000 people and 37 organisations in the technology, academic and creative sectors. With 94% of its one-million-square-foot site already leased, the virtual twin’s unique communication capabilities offer a practical solution to promote the innovative campus globally, paving the way for future expansion. 

Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East, commented: “We are delighted to have partnered with Squint Opera to take this transformative step and develop our virtual twin. The ability to replicate our vibrant campus in a virtual forum and show people from all over the world our site, whilst having real-time conversations with them, is really unique.”

“This is an exciting step for us. We continue to experiment with the twin in this phase of research and development, and we look forward to being able to open up our East London home in due course. We will be able to showcase the collaborative environment we have cultivated and fostered over the last decade to new audiences globally.”

Alice Britton, Founding Director, Squint/Opera commented: 

“Squint Opera devised a true-to-life virtual facsimile of Here East to powerfully communicate this innovative space to a wide and varied audience. Our Virtual Twin uses Spaceform to connect and immerse people in this virtual twin, no matter where they are.”

“The capability of our virtual twin to create a genuinely immersive environment for meetings enables our client to present every aspect of their project to potential tenants, investors, and communities in real-time. Here East has innovation at its heart, and together we’ve created a product that really reflects that.”

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About Here East

Here East is a catalyst for growth and London’s fastest growing technology and innovation campus. Located on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, it is a launchpad for innovation and home to global technology companies, start-ups, academic institutions, content developers and creative businesses. It is now home to 6,000 people who work and study onsite.

The 1.2 million sq ft campus fosters a unique environment allowing tenants to collaborate, scale and grow at pace. Tenants say the collaborative environment has accelerated their ability to grow their employee base, increase their revenue and expand their offering.

Here East is home to three of the fastest growing clusters in the capital: esports, cybersecurity and the creative industries. There are 37 organisations based on the campus, these include: Plexal (Here East’s innovation and consulting centre), Fiit, Sports Interactive, Esports Engine, Ford Smart Mobility, Studio Wayne McGregor, MATCHESFASHION and The Trampery on the Gantry, which provides 21 low-cost studios for creative businesses and artists. 

Here East is owned by clients of Delancey, a specialist real estate investment advisory company.

About Squint 

Squint/Opera are expert at blending digital media with physical reality. Using the power of narrative, we help our clients craft digital content that can communicate, enhance or immerse an audience.

We are a creative company specialising in crafting extraordinary and unforgettable experiences that communicate with impact and leave lasting impressions. With over 20 years of experience and studios in London, New York and Dubai, we have an international portfolio of clients and projects that span many sectors.